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I feel great vibrations coming through the front door.
She hits the switch to reach sexual bliss; but doesn't
come to the meaning anymore. I feel quotations embodied
on my brain. I tie them up and repeat them backwards.
My fingers trickle down times legs, heavy breathing
sets in. I was frightened to hear times moans, but
when the climax set in her notes brought me home.
All I remember from our last experience, I tore it
into pieces; then basked in the loathing that filled
the room.  
I remember thinking, "There must be something in
the air tonight. I can't seem to grasp this distant
As I looked into her yellow eyes, turning my souls repent.
Twisting inside my intestines, giving up unbending intent.
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Column and Cross
Stood up on a column and a cross.
The people come together only
to be stoned as a rock.
This all begins to ferment, it twists.
Fluids of the wise men, take a look
at this shit.
My excrements form into gold.
Under heat and pressure
metamorphic thoughts turned
into deadly minerals.
These people are the planets.
They line the room in a circle
as skin tight manequins lie of their faith.
Just to steal it all.
Just to see it all.
Just to feel it all.
It's control.
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Stained Glass Mothers
Look down the hall
A never ending hold that needs
Fill the cracks with a mosaic of colorful
Replace the lights with stained glass
Only to redefine our minds which are still
on hold from sleep last night.
I've never seen reality become so dream like
I've never seen my dreams penned out on a canvas.
It's something more pure than god, but stranger than fiction
and slightly odd.
Opposite nocturnals never coincide.
Sleeping while awake.
Writing fucked scenarios at night.
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Carry On
Wake up everyday
I just let it be.
Look out the window another day with beauty.
Somedays I wake up, I feel so great.
Let mother mary take it all away.
My friend don't you worry.
It'll go up in a hurry.
Mama, I got caught up, I won't be home for dinner
Yes, I know you'll carry on.
Lets all sing these songs from a revolution
give me your matches, lets burn it to the ground.
We walk for miles at end.
We talk for hours, did we ever say a thing?
Speak softly tomorrow.
Stop this ringing in my ear tonight.
Stop this ringing in my ear tonight.
Mama, I got caught up, I won't be home for dinner.
Yes I know, you'll carry on.
Let us sing these songs from a revolution
give me your matches, lets burn it to the ground.
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I woke up this morning
watched the darkness on the ground
shaking my thought process down, down, down.
tigers come from the corners where the
only shadows appear.
sedating me every single night
these visions become so clear.
I see only when I want to believe.
Only when I need to breathe.
Give me something real to feel.
I'm so gone, I think I'm fake.
Maybe you should just throw me away?
moonshadows walk the Earth at night
when you walk along your violet skies.
look at the colors, now the only details
of your doubtful eyes.
it let's me gravitate.
motionless, my eyes dialate.
it will all rush away.
even out and compensate.
when it all flows away,
will you grieve at night or
rewrite your fate?
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I don't get the faces when I first see the eyes.
Stretched out a across praying finger tips
like 1000 single tries, the lies start to leak dry
when the water drops down the ditch.
watch when I fade in, don't think of the clocks
juggling time just to see what we're worth.
"it's okay!" he tells his wife, as they look to the sky and
watch the world burn.
lying here cut open on the table
eyes gaze at my long-gone distant body
cut down.
"tell me more, tell me more" is all I can hear
you saying right now.
welcome to a mindset where your hours are
your minutes and your minutes are
your whole life.
and when your time line pushes away, just imagine
the shit you see during the night.
look over at the door right now, all I see are OWLS and
Glowing fish eyes. and I dont really know what
think right now, so I'll just silently close my eyes.
lying here cut open on the table
eyes gaze at my long-gone distant body
cut down.
"tell me more, tell me more" is all
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Oh Lord, My Dreams
and ive sat here and wondered
will it ever happen to me?
if it all falls down
will it fall at all truthfully?
and so i take my conclusion
and rewind to the beginning
beginning of these pages
that have been filled in with ink.
and all the women in my world
past. present and future.
my life laid out in front of
another convienance store.
with all the leaves changing colors
in the wind i smell melancholy.
so i dream and i dream
until ive seen my thoughts accurately
i wonder about the people who all
have influenced me.
what are they doing now at this time
in the morning?
so i walk down these streets
at a quarter to three
where is all the traffic?
all the people to meet?
so little girl, little girl
ill take you home silently
your father lies awake in
his daily drunken haze.
as i keep walking on home
i can hear distant screams
am i on a battlefield
in a desert acrossed seas?
No, No, Im not.
Im just sitting in my chair
taking a break from my dreams.
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walk around and i will see
you and him
you and me.
take a guess.
what you'll say.
take a look
walk away.
the siren sounds.
all acrossed the town.
cock your head.
decibal down
look away.
thoughts right now
fuck that sound.
take a guess.
what you'll say.
take a look
walk away.
shapes intheclouds.
its sort of night.
but mostly day.
moon vs. sun
star aren't out.
lets get fucked up
and forget everything.
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my mind.
saw it in slow mo.
inject the meds and feel
so good. inhale your thoughts.
review your words.
over flow. overload.
distracted by the day before.
im ready for you.
im ready for more.
lay upon the fault lines
and cocaine lines.
nicotine and boundries and
parking fines.
yellow highway lines
especially when your
minds not right.
plate tectonics and
speed limit signs.
go to sleep.
wake up.
ill be fine.
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that one guy.
United States
Current Residence: Wisconsin
Favourite genre of music: PsychedelicExperimental
  • Listening to: Omar Rodriguez - Lopez
  • Reading: Naked Lunch by William Burrows
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  • Playing: music.
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watch the world. it's not so flat anymore.
watch these trees grow from your side.
As I doubl take this crimson tinted image
I began two stepping with it dangling from
my hand. My outlined silohette, the only thing
seperating me from my shadow.
I looked into the mirror only to see blood
shot eye hammering back at me.
Smoke fills the worlds worm hole
evaporating the evolution
from the amniotic fluid which wrote
such invigorating speech.


In a blur of 5 minutes, they inform me
of years. Take the connection of this
only to crumble in your fears.
I'm sure you've never tasted despair
but desperation divides the driving.
recognizability never fully reached
the elephants in a trance of circular
revolutions. Imagine the thought
stop. It's most certainly uncertain.
If it pertains to these lines...
than I think i've done my duties.


If I was a roach on a tree, tell me would you smoke me?



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